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The tour takes shape

07 June 2013

Getting ready - wrapping the bus

Things are coming together now for the tour, which starts on Monday 17 June. The bus for the English tour is being decorated – It should be pretty hard to miss when it’s on the road. The Wales TUC and Scottish TUC are also hiring buses for their own tours, which will all run in parallel.

And speaking of that, we’ve been adding details of tour events to our tour map. There will be more coming as we finalise the times and exact locations. Keep an eye on the map, and hopefully there will be something listed nearer where you live soon.

But even if you can’t get to the tour as it happens, we still want to hear your experiences of austerity, which we’ll be gathering into our final evidence documents once the tour is over. Add your story and photo on this site to share it with us, and we’ll also show it to other site users as well.

17 June - 29 June


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The issues

Homes under threat from the bedroom tax

On the tour, we’re hearing a lot about how people’s lives are being thrown into chaos by the recently introduced Bedroom Tax.

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