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Weston Super Mare: 13th day of the tour

The Austerity Uncovered tour ended in Weston Super Mare, to meet local people and NHS campaigners

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Swindon - Day 12 of the tour

On the tour's penultimate day the Austerity Uncovered bus stopped at Wharf Green in Swindon where we spoke to shoppers and locals about how their lives and the town overall had been impacted by government cuts.

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Reading: Day 11 of the tour

Austerity Uncovered stopped in Reading, in Berkshire, to talk with shoppers and locals in the town centre, and with NHS staff at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

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Luton - Day 10 of the tour

Today, the bus was parked up in front of Luton Town Hall where we spoke to local residents and shoppers about how austerity had affected their lives and the local community. Here are some of the photos from the day - thanks to everyone who came along and shared their story.

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Northampton and Corby - Day 9 of the tour

We started the day in Northampton town centre where we spoke to shoppers and local residents about how government cuts to benefits and services had impacted them. In the afternoon, we headed over to the Corby Cube to find out how austerity was biting there...

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Ilkeston - Day 8 of the tour

We started the day with a visit to the Arena community centre before heading over to Cotmanhay Sure Start centre where their nursery has been closed since February due to a lack of funding. Afterwards, we headed to Ilkeston high street to hear from local traders how their businesses have been affected by austerity.

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Halifax - Day 7 of the tour

Photos from the Austerity Uncovered tour in Halifax and Todmorden

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Sheffield - Day 6 of the tour

Meeting local people all over Sheffield, including at Chapelgreen Advice Centre and Fir Vale foodbank.

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Newcastle, Sunderland, Stockton - Day 5 of the tour

Visiting projects and town centres across the North East, we heard about issues including the growth of loan sharking and pay day loans, the state of local High Street businesses, the harm caused by welfare reform, and the effect the proposed privatisation of Royal Mail could have on service users.

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Carlisle - Day 4 of the tour (pm)

Today, the Austerity Uncovered tour visited Carlisle city centre to hear from shoppers and workers about the problems of pay day lending, as well as how a living wage might benefit the area. Thanks to everyone who shared their experiences and filled in an "Austerity Uncovered" speech bubble...

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Manchester - Day 4 of the tour

A good morning in Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester, talking to local people about the impact of austerity on their lives and the city. Great to see so many unions out with us - Many thanks to all our USDAW, Unite, PCS, GMB and UNISON colleagues, and our talented musicians from the MU.

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Liverpool - Day 3 of the tour

A very busy day visiting voluntary organisations across the city to talk with organisers and service users. Our first stop was at the Unison annual delegate conference at the Echo Arena in Liverpool. We then travelled to Kirby Unemployed Workers’ Centre, the Ellergreen Road Community Centre, the West Everton Centre and Hugh Baird College. Finally, we hit the Strand in Bootle to speak to passers-by.

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Cannock - Day 2 of the tour

Our day began with a visit to Cannock and District Foodbank where David Spencer, pictured, showed us around and told us they'd fed around 1,100 people in their first year. We then headed into the town centre to hear the stories of local residents before finishing the day with a visit to the BI Linecross factory, where 120 jobs were put on the line when the firm was placed into receivership last year.

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Dudley - first day of the tour!

We started the tour in Dudley where we spoke to shoppers and local residents about how their lives and the local community had been impacted by austerity Britain. The bedroom tax was a reoccurring issue with many residents expressing worry and concern about how it will affect them.

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The bus

A sneak preview of the bus - not long to go now!

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