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There are three separate tours running between 17 and 29 June, from the TUC (red dots), Wales TUC (blue dots) and Scottish TUC (green dots). We’re plotting events on this map so you can find something near to where you live.

Some of our events are quite small meetings with particular groups, which we’re having to keep closed so we can fit everyone in. The majority are public events though, including many drop-in events in town centres, and we’d really love to see people there if you’ve time to stop by. Zoom in and click on events to find out if one would be interesting for you – you can get in touch with organisers too.

As the tour passes, we’ll update this map with reports on what we’ve found from our events around the country. You can also follow the Wales TUC tour on their own dedicated website.

The trade union Unite are also running a two week tour of the country, with two buses, called The People United. They’ll have fun activities running in city centre locations on each day as well as a chance to have your say on the effects of austerity. We’re plotting some of their events here (yellow dots) if you’re able to get along to them.

And of course, if you’re not able to get to one of our events, please do tell us your story online.

17 June - 29 June


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