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WATCH: Austerity Uncovered

A thumbnail taken from the Austerity Uncovered video - showing a woman holding up a sign saying, 'Leave my little bedroom alone', in reaction to the bedroom tax.04 December 2013

A mini documentary sharing the stories and experiences of the people we met on the Austerity Uncovered tour.

VIDEO: Austerity Uncovered – what we found out…

09 September 2013

Find out what happened on the Austerity Uncovered tour and hear some of the stories of how government cuts has impacted on real people’s lives.

TUC President Lesley Mercer on Austerity Uncovered

28 June 2013

Lesley joined the tour in Newcastle, Sunderland and Calderdale. We asked her what she had heard so far.

Tim Roache, GMB, on how austerity has affected Halifax

Tim Roache, GMB Regionl Secretary for Yorkshire and North Derbyshire23 June 2013

Tim Roache, GMB Regional Secretary for Yorkshire & North Derbyshire, explains how austerity has impacted on people in Halifax.

Steve Murphy, UCATT, talks to Austerity Uncovered

23 June 2013

UCATT’s General Secretary Steve Murphy talks to the Austerity Uncovered tour in Sheffield about the ways in which austerity policies are harming the construction industry.

Paul Clays, CWU, talks to Austerity Uncovered

22 June 2013

CWU Regional Secretary Paul Clay joins the Austerity Uncovered tour in Newcastle to talk about the potential effects of privatising the Royal Mail.

The Mayor of Liverpool on austerity

21 June 2013

Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool, came by the tour when we stopped at UNISON conference on Wednesday. He recorded a short message for us about how austerity has hit Liverpool, and how we need to plot a way out to properly invest for our future.

Dudley residents tell us their stories

17 June 2013

Local residents came by the bus to tell us what they were witnessing happen to the town and its people.

Robert Reich on UK austerity

17 May 2013

Professor Robert Reich tells us in three minutes why austerity is choking Britain.

Why is the Bedroom Tax unfair?

13 May 2013

Richard Exell explains why the Bedroom Tax will make Britain a harsher, more unequal place.

17 June - 29 June


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