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Newcastle to Stockton: Drowning in debt

Sunderland community cafe22 June 2013

When ends won’t meet, you can fall prey to the sharks.

Carlisle Key: Supporting young people

The Austerity Uncovered bus stops in Carlisle. Photo Christopher Best, June 2013

A local charity offering advice and support for 16-25 year olds

Days 4 & 5 – Manchester, Carlisle, Newcastle, Sunderland

In Newcastle City Centre with Lesley Mercer and Judith Kirton-Darling21 June 2013

Different towns, familiar stories.

Coming through it together: Liverpool’s community sector

Communities against the Bedroom Tax at WECC20 June 2013

Talking with groups trying to support and empower people in Liverpool.

Day 3: Liverpool – Dealing with despair

Austerity Uncovered bus in Bootle19 June 2013

Visiting voluntary organisations across the city to talk with organisers and service users.

BI Linecross: Back from the brink

Unite steward Alf19 June 2013

The tour visits a Cannock car parts firm saved from receivership by its workers and a new investor.

Day 2: Cannock – Falling through the safety net

Cannock town centre18 June 2013

Talking to the people of Cannock about the effect austerity is having on their lives and communities.

Cannock and District Foodbank: Doing what they can

Cannock Foodbank warehouse18 June 2013

A volunteer-run organisation feeding over 1100 people in need around Cannock

Day 1: Dudley, the tour begins

The bus in Dudley Market place17 June 2013

We spent the day in Dudley town centre, hearing from local people about the effect austerity is having on their lives.

The tour takes shape

Getting ready - wrapping the bus07 June 2013

Things are coming together now for the tour, which starts on Monday 17 June.

17 June - 29 June


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