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WATCH: Austerity Uncovered

A thumbnail taken from the Austerity Uncovered video - showing a woman holding up a sign saying, 'Leave my little bedroom alone', in reaction to the bedroom tax.04 December 2013

A mini documentary sharing the stories and experiences of the people we met on the Austerity Uncovered tour.

VIDEO: Austerity Uncovered – what we found out…

09 September 2013

Find out what happened on the Austerity Uncovered tour and hear some of the stories of how government cuts has impacted on real people’s lives.

Day 12: Swindon – Falling through the cracks

29 June 2013

Once considered a ‘boom’ town but now suffering from a lack of job opportunities…

Day 11: Reading – feeling the squeeze

A group of physiotherapists from the Royal Berkshire Hospital share their concerns about austerity28 June 2013

Day 11 of the Austerity Uncovered tour brought us to Reading.

Luton: “Too poor to live. Too poor to die”

Luton27 June 2013

Austerity Uncovered visits Luton and hears from people caught in a poverty trap.

Day 9: Corby and Northampton

James, 23, Corby26 June 2013

From eviction threats over the bedroom tax, to cuts in disability living allowance and zero hours contracts…

TUC President’s view from the tour

TUC President Lesley Mercer in Newcastle25 June 2013

Lesley Mercer writes about two moments that stood out for her on the Austerity Uncovered tour.

Day 8: Nottingham and Ilkeston – Empty high streets, empty nurseries

Empty coat hooks in the closed nursery at Cotmanhay Sure Start Centre25 June 2013

Children lose their nursery & business owners speak out as trade gets sparser.

Day 7 – Halifax & Todmorden: what’s left for young people?

Nelson, 19, is worried he'll spend the rest of his life paying off his student debts23 June 2013

“When areas lose their industries it’s young people who are paying the heaviest price.”

Day 6 – Sheffield: Neighbours bridging the gap

Fir Vale Foodbank23 June 2013

Day six on the Austerity Uncovered bus has taken us all over the city of Sheffield.

17 June - 29 June


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