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About the tour

austerity britain

Britain is hurting. Too many politicians have no idea just how tough life is for the many.

Prices are rising while wages are held back. Service cuts are biting hard.

And getting tough on cheats is used as an excuse to cut vital benefits and tax credits for millions who have played by the rules.

In June 2013, the TUC and Britain’s trade unions will be traveling across the country letting people tell their own story about life in Britain today. We are making videos, blogging what we find, and bringing journalists to report life on the front line of austerity Britain.

We are gathering the evidence to convict government policies. They are hurting, but they are not working.  

This site will be updated as it happens, with blogs, photos and video, and including your own messages.

17 June - 29 June


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The issues

Social security cuts hit the poorest hardest

Britain’s a terribly unequal country, where poverty isn’t restricted to the “scroungers” journalists and politicians love to blame.

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